Online stores are great. You get to shop from the comfort of your own home, pursue your fashion-forward dreams for half the price, and build lasting relationships with business owners whom everyone now calls a “sis”.

This week, our online store fave would be Anna’s Online Store, an apparel and clothing shop that sells a wide array of things such as shoes, overruns, and even meat. But our personal favorite among the many things they feature on their page is their neverending sass.

Contrary to the demure and customer-oriented online shop sellers we’ve come to love through our conversations on Viber, Anna’s Online Store is one unique personality. ‘The customer is always right’? Nah, they’re not living for that. They’re also brutally honest to the point that it’s actually pretty funny.

Whether they’re a parody account or not, we’ll never know. But here are 10 things you can expect while you’re browsing their Facebook page:

1. Unisex and free-size cuts of fresh meat

2. Your own risky way of paying

3. Justice for online shop owners

4. Honest reasons why you item hasn’t been shipped yet

5. Nothing but respect for people’s life choices

6. Suggestions for handling their products

7. They take time to partner with big companies.

8. Don’t tell them what to do.

9. A lot of risks

10. Miracles