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15 Best Tweets About Ateneo Winning the UAAP Season 80 Championship

15 Best Tweets About Ateneo Winning the UAAP Season 80 Championship

What a game. The Ateneo Blue Eagles won the UAAP Season 80 Men’s Basketball Championship 88-86 against the De La Salle Green Archers yesterday, December 3, 2017 at the Araneta Coliseum.

With Ateneo’s 5-point lead and just a few seconds to go, La Salle still scores a 3-pointer but still leaves the game to the Blue Eagles. Many beautiful things followed after – La Salle lighting up in blue, a thanksgiving mass that was filled to the brim, and students in Shakey’s Katipunan cheering and singing their alma mater. Though this rivalry has been going on since long ago, this year we see the such incredible friendship between the two teams.

Beyond these 20 tweets are wonderful experiences, hardships, and lots and lots of love. It’s more than just a “rivalry” and it’s truly more than just a game. So whether you shout One Big Fight or Animo, in the end we are both grateful for sharing the court with each other one more time.

Here are 20 of the best tweets from the UAAP Season 80 Men’s Basketball Championship Game 3!

1. This incredible fact about Isaac Go

From a few friends and profs in Ateneo, Isaac Go really is a great student. He aces tests and makes his course-mates and teammates proud every day.

2. This beautiful reminder from the Bobby Guev

3. The cram culture is very real.

The Ateneo cram culture is real. But we get things done. Most of the time.

4. Coach Tab the promise keeper

And he can probably see the future. Pray for us.

5. Ikeh leaving an impression on some of his classmates.


6. Nothing but pure respect for the president.

7. Except hell week must continue.

8. This Ateneo-La Salle friendship that’s forever

La Salle lights up blue after Ateneo wins the UAAP 80 Championship for Men’s Basketball!

9. This emotional moment for the Rivero family

Okay, so maybe not about Ateneo winning the finals but we have mad respect for the Rivero brothers who fought hard and strong.

10. This Isaac Go tweet with a hugot

11. This other Isaac Go tweet with a hugot

12. Sorry, guys.

But same.

13. This Ateneo Blue Eagles moment at the dugout

14. “Even Norman Black is feeling it.”

15. High School Musical is apparently very true-to-life.

With that brain, you’ll never know!

But that Twitter name though.

16. Again, with that brain, you’ll never know!

17. You’re welcome.

18. This moment at Shakey’s Katipunan

One for the books!

19. “I told you!”

Sad and heart reax onli.

19. Mary for you!

This thanksgiving mass at the Gesu, filled with a sea of white and blue. Congrats, Ateneo!

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