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5 Best Yema Cake Recipes for 2017

5 Best Yema Cake Recipes for 2017

In the earlier years, yema was a candy created out of an egg yolk surplus. When mixed with sugar and heated, the ingredients would make these delicate bite-sized confections perfect for any occasion. The addition of milk in the yema recipe came after a few years, when the Spanish dulce de leche was made popular in the country. Nowadays, we associate yema as the “candier” cousin of the syrupy and creamy dulce de leche, although admittedly I think they taste almost the same.

So why is it called ‘yema’? Yema means ‘egg yolk’ in Spanish!

While researching, we came across this interesting dessert from Thailand. They’re called Foi Thong or Golden Egg Yolk Threads, and are made out of egg yolks cooked in sugar syrup infused with pandan leaves. Perhaps this is the Thai version of the yema, noting that golden yolk color and made with exactly the same ingredients as the candy we’ve known for years.

So are the caramel and yema candies the same thing?

But unlike caramel that is made simply of sugar and some water, yema is made out of condensed milk and egg yolks. It can be made simply by heating up some condensed milk and egg yolks in a pot and stirred until thick enough to form into balls or triangles. Don’t forget to finish by wrapping them in yellow cellophane paper!

Time to bake.

Yema candies have been so tightly woven in the our culture that it’s easy for Filipinos to incorporate them into other recipes. Today, instead of seeing buko pie as you go up to Tagaytay, you see a long line of stores selling these yellow chiffon cakes made from the yema’s basic ingredients.

Popular yema cake bakers Rodilla’s and Remilly’s have earned the hearts of many Filipinos, and are continuing to improve their yema cake recipe by the day to compete with many others who are tying to bake their own unique version. While Rodilla’s and Remilly’s obviously won’t reveal their secret to success, we did find 5 of the best yema cake recipes online that you should definitely try out this holiday season. You might just discover you were bound to do this after all!

No-Bake Yema Cake Recipe

This no bake yema cake recipe uses the power of ~ steaming ~. The good thing about this is that you can put the batter in smaller containers and end up with this incredibly fluffy yema cupcake recipe.

Chocolate Yema Cake Recipe

This recipe from Casa Baluarte was the nearest one to Slice’s bestselling double chocolate yema cake. This is not an ordinary chocolate cake frosted with smooth yema mixture. You get a whole section of yema in the middle of cake so you can get both the taste of the moist chocolate cake and the sweet yema cut with the tart cheddar.

Classic Yema Cake Recipe

Nothing beats the classic yema cake recipe. This recipe by My Sweet Ambitions has been viewed more than a million times, and is an original recipe not based on any other popular yema cakes out there.

Yema Cheesecake Recipe

If you just can’t get enough of the cheese on top of the yema cake, here’s a recipe for you. This yema cake cheesecake recipe is made with a chiffon type cheesecake frosted and topped with the golden egg yolk and sugar mixture you know and love.

Rice Cooker Yema Cake Recipe

And finally, making yema cake has never been easier with this rice cooker yema cake recipe. Just mix it and cook before frosting! Tbh thinking of making this for Typist Christmas.

* Top Image from myChannelnow‘s yema cake recipe, 

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