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Time Please PH: 8 Fun Volunteer Activities You Can Do in the Philippines

Time Please PH: 8 Fun Volunteer Activities You Can Do in the Philippines

There’s a new volunteering program in the Philippines that will give you a chance to win a trip for four to Hong Kong Disneyland. Globe and The Walt Disney Company Philippines launched Time Please, a nationwide volunteering program where you can join numerous existing volunteer activities based here in the Philippines. And the most number of volunteer hours get a chance to win a trip for four to Hong Kong and tickets to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

Time Please has partnered with nonprofit and advocacy-driven organizations around the Philippines to give Filipinos a wide range of volunteer activities to participate in. All you have to do is form a group of four (maximum of four, minimum of two members) and register at to be able to join the activities. Your Team Leader must have an active Globe or TM subscription. If you all volunteer together, you get more volunteer hours! 3 people volunteering for 4 hours each gives your group a total of 12 volunteering hours, increasing your chances of winning.

But don’t think of this as just winning a trip to Disneyland. Remember, successfully volunteering is being able to truly help a community in whatever needs they may have. 

Time Please will run from May 25 to August 19, 2018 and is open to individuals willing and capable to do volunteer work.

Finding a volunteer activity right for you just got easier! Here are Time Please’s 10 fun volunteer activities you can do:

1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Training

Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC) constantly aims to give their aspiring trainers the most efficient and effective instruction programs so that they can conduct disaster preparedness seminars in as many places as possible. To help the CDRC in their goal, they need volunteers to assist in preparing training and instructional materials and gathering relevant data for the August training.

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

CDRC Philippines via Facebook

2. Make biodegradable pots for plants using donated clothes

CDRC, the same organization hosting the Disaster Management Training, also has an interesting activity for those who love crafting and nature. The unusable clothes donated to them make great ‘biopots’ or biodegradable pots for plants. The donated clothes are usually given to refugees but there are certain pieces that are too damaged to even wear or too thin or thick to use in the Philippine weather. What CDRC does and what you will be doing for this program is cut these clothes up into smaller pieces of cloth, and sew them together to make a nice plant pot.

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

3. Feeding Program with Karinderia Ni Mang Urot

Karinderia Ni Mang Urot (KMU) sponsors a feeding program every weekend night at Quezon City for those on the streets, victims of disasters, and the sick. Sometimes they also give out medicines and help the medical expenses of their dear friends in the hospital as much as they can. KMU has partnered with Time Please to reach out to those willing to volunteer with them during their humble feeding programs. You may also sponsor a meal to help sustain their mission.

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

Karinderia Ni Mang Urot via Facebook

4. Education Under The Bridge

Teacher Fe from Parañaque takes time every weekend to teach basic lessons to some children living under the Coastal Road bridge. Because she alone handles 30 to 40 kids at a time, she welcomes all sorts of volunteers to help her out with the interacting with the kids through study and play.

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

Fe Lustañas via Facebook

5. Manila Bayside Clean-Up

For this bayside clean-up, you will be helping Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) collect trash at the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area (LPPCHEA), a nature reserve and endangered bird sanctuary within Metro Manila. This area is 175 hectares of wetland ecosystem and is home to 41 threatened, restricted-range and congregatory bird species from China, Japan and Siberia. They stand true to their motto that ‘only humanity can save humanity.’

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

Humanist Alliance Philippines, International via Facebook

6. Watch Baby Grow and Watch Toddler Blossom

Time Please has also partnered with Progressive Assistance Canada, an organization that tracks babies’ initial development to ensure a healthy growth throughout his or her life. Babies and toddlers in depressed areas of the Philippines need this assistance the most, so the organization actively hosts volunteer activities for these communities to provide help.

The Watch Baby Grow and Watch Toddler Blossom program includes ‘assisting new mothers, providing babies with a continuous supply of nutrients specific to their age, and arranging regular visits by medical professionals,’ as done by the Progressive Assistance Canada group.

You may volunteer by distributing milk, cereal, and multivatims as well as weight monitoring for 19 infants and toddlers. You are also welcome to document the experience. Though it’s not required, they greatly appreciate those with health backgrounds and specialties to participate in the program.

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

Progressive Assistance Canada via Facebook

7. Rooftop Garden Tending at the CDRC Building

The nature lover in you will love this Time Please volunteer program. CDRC is hosting a vegetable and herb planting and tending activity this June at their rooftop as part of their mission to raise environmental awareness among kids through experiential learning. Your job as a volunteer isn’t restricted to just tree planting. You will also be tending to the seedlings and plants on the rooftop and learning about CDRC’s potted herbs and veggies.

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

8. CDRC Campaigning Program

Learn more about CDRC’s history, events, and disaster preparedness tactics through this program. For a day, you will be helping CDRC campaign for donations through social media. This is a great way of using social media to educate people on the value of prepositioning relief goods before a disaster. This will help CDRC stock up on the needed resources to be able to respond to disaster-stricken areas as soon as possible.

View the volunteer activity on Time Please here.

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