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Margarita Forés Makes ADB Crinkles Available For Everyone

Margarita Forés Makes ADB Crinkles Available For Everyone

For years, Filipinos have been trying to figure out how to get their hands on one of the best crinkles in the country – the ADB crinkle. Unless you work for ADB, you can’t really get inside the building just because you want a box of cookies.

Those working inside the ADB Building in Ortigas are a little luckier since they have the crinkles all to themselves, except for the fact that the bakery only sells 400 a day and you can only get 20 of them at a time.

Many have resulted to asking friends and relatives to snag them a pack and apparently the hype is very real. We have searched far and wide, forums after forums, to find out how to make these crinkles or at least who supplies them to the bank. They have to come from somewhere.

Early May, 2016’s Asia’s Best Female Chef Margarita Forés posted on her Instagram account what seemed like a batch of her usual freshly baked creations. Nothing fancy, just a spread of cookies covered with powdered sugar. Forés has been known to make incredibly delicious Italian food and soon opening her first Cibo restaurant in 1997. Her most recent restaurant, Alta, is located at the Ascott Hotel in BGC.

Included in Alta’s line of bestsellers are the three-cheese ensaymada and the crinkles – the kind people would intentionally go to Ascott for. And on Forés’s Instagram photo, she revealed that these crinkles were the same ones being served at the ADB Building. Finally, the mind behind the ADB crinkle has been found.

She captioned the photo of the ADB crinkles with, “This baby used to be the ADB CRINKLE, then it became the ALTA@alta_scottbgc CRINKLE but no more, now it is the MARGARITA CRINKLE!”

While the ADB Crinkles are still being sold at the building, according to Esquire, these crinkles are not available at the Ascott anymore. Don’t worry though. Chef Margarita Forés still made it possible for everyone to get a taste of her bestselling crinkles.

Margarita Forés also noted that what was once known as the ADB crinkles were now officially the ‘Margarita Crinkle’ and can be ordered 2 days in advance through a phone number she shared through the photo’s caption as well.

The phone number turned out to be that of the Cibo di Marghi Signature Caterer office located at Chino Roces. So if the cookies aren’t enough to satisfy your stomach, you can also get their party platters for the whole family!

The ADB Crinkle, now the Margarita Crinkle, is now available for pre-order. Call (02) 729 0030 two days in advance.

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