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Amanpulo: The Island Reached Exclusively By Private Flights

Amanpulo: The Island Reached Exclusively By Private Flights

It seems like every Filipino celebrity has gone on a trip to Amanpulo, the private island off the coast of Palawan that you can only reach through a private plane.

Summer’s only approaching but celebrities have already been spotted visiting Amanpulo for some vitamin sea. Among them are Bela Padilla, Judy Ann Santos, and Lara Quigaman.

Just what exactly makes Amanpulo the place to be this summer? Easy. It’s the perfect luxury retreat from a terribly busy life in the city. It’s quiet, away from stress, and a therapeutic escape from everything else.

About Amanpulo

The island is called Pamalican Island. It’s situated in between Palawan and Panay within the Cuyo group of islands on the Sulu Sea. And on that pristine white-sand beach is Amanpulo, a luxury hotel and resort by Aman.

Aman currently has 21 luxury resorts all over Asia, 6 in Europe and Africa, and 5 in the USA and Caribbean. All of these resorts are well known for their space and privacy all following Aman’s approach towards giving guests a ‘place of peace’ and a feeling of belonging.


Getting to Pamalican Island

Amanpulo can only be accessed through private flights that land on Pamalican Island’s own land strip. The view from the plane is absolutely breathtaking as well. Those clear blue waters, luscious greens, and white sands look just like that tropical paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

Ticket Prices

Amanpulo’s roundtrip flights are at USD 495 (~Php 25,245) for adults and USD 295 (~Php 15,045) for children ages 2 to 11 years old. Infants seated on their parents’ or guardian’s lap are free of charge.

So yeah, that’s how much it costs to just fly to Amanpulo.

Flight Schedules

Flights take off from the Amanpulo Lounge hangar at Manila airport. The current schedule of the flights are as follows:

Manila (MNL) to Amanpulo
Departure: ETD 13:00 Arrival: ETA 14:10
Departure: ETD 16:00 Arrival ETA 17:10

Amanpulo to Manila (MNL)

Departure: ETD 09:30 Arrival: ETA 10:40
Departure: ETD 14:30 Arrival: ETA 15:40

Each flight takes 70 minutes. We recommend you regularly check Amanpulo’s website for updated schedules of flights.


Staying at Amanpulo

There are a bunch of accommodation options at Amanpulo and it all depends on what kind of environment you’re more comfortable staying at.

They have 5 types of Casitas or room-type accommodations – the Beach Casita if you just know the white sands will be calling for you every now and then, the Treetop Pool Casita if you want a private wooden deck and a pool, the Treetop Casita with a view of the island’s rainforests, Deluxe Hillside Casita for views of the sea, and their Hillside Casita.

Amanpulo’s Villas are top-class. Villas only differ in how many bedrooms you’re getting. At Amanpulo, you can get a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and a 4-bedroom villa and all of them will have a private chef, a butler, and a club car for your some island explorations.


Amanpulo Room Rates*

Treetop Casita – from USD 1,350 (~Php 68,850)

Hillside Casita – from USD 1,550 (~Php 79,050)

Beach Casita – from USD 1,800 (~Php 91,800)

1 Bedroom Palawan Villa – from USD 2,700 (~Php 137,700)

4 Bedroom Lagoon Villa – from USD 7,000 (~Php 357,000)

4 Bedroom Palawan Villa – from USD 7,700 (~Php 392,700)

* As of March 2, 2018

All rates above are exclusive of tax and fees. Check out Amanpulo’s current rates here for more accuracy.

What to Do at Amanpulo

Nature Walks, Windsurfing, and Scuba Diving

Aside from walking along Pamalican Island’s white sands, windsurfing, sailing, and scuba diving gear are available at the resort for guests.

Pamalican Island takes pride in their 7 square kilometers of pristine coral reef 300 meters away from their resort. Scuba diving is allowed here, even for beginners. You might even be lucky enough to sea some hawksbill sea turtles!

But if you prefer land over seas, bicycles are available for guests to roam around the island with. Through their nature walks, you’ll see how Pamalican is teaming with indigenous plants and dozens of bird species.


Private Cruise Charters

You can stop by scuba diving spots and even nearby Palawan islands through Amanpulo’s private cruise charters. Moonlight and starlight cruises are also available using their Pontoon Boats.

If you can sail yourself, Amanpulo’s watercraft are available for you as well as a guide if you prefer.

Should you go to Amanpulo this summer?

Amanpulo is beyond anything you could ever imagine in a private island resort. It all comes with a hefty price tag though but if you’re up for a luxurious summer this 2018, you should definitely opt for Amanpulo.

It’s easy to guess why celebrities and popular figures in the Philippines have been visiting this resort lately. Now that beaches tend to be crowded and noisy, Amanpulo offers a peaceful retreat for anyone who just wants to escape for a while.

Just a tip, always book through Amanpulo’s authorized travel partners!

There’s more to explore at Amanpulo so make sure you check out their website.

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