Filipino actress and singer Arci Muñoz returns to the cast of soap opera Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin with her ‘Arci Muñoz new look’ after an alleged plastic surgery procedure that aimed to correct her broken nose. Arci has neither confirmed or denied the allegation stating through an exclusive interview with, that she’s not against cosmetic surgery and “whatever’s gonna make me feel more comfortable and more confident sa aking sarili, I’ll do it.”

Fans have noticed this change since her appearance at the Shout! Manila 2017 event at the World Trade Center last August 6, 2017. From past photos of Arci, it seems that she had a very apparent nose lift and some lip fillers.

It’s my body. And whatever’s gonna make me feel more comfortable and more confident sa aking sarili, I’ll do it.

Arci Muñoz herself denied the rumors of having fillers done on her lips, explaining that it’s just her usual makeup technique that involves lining her lips a little over the edges to give a fuller and more defined lip look.

Recently, viewers noticed a drastic change in Arci Muñoz’s look after watching an episode of Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin. Many fans were not even able to recognize her.

Netizens shared their negative reactions on Arci Muñoz’s new look, pointing out a poorly done nose job and that they think she looked a lot better before. Arci does seem happy and more confident with her look, but it’s inevitable that as a public figure she looks like she has to deal with a lot of backlash regarding this in the near future.

Well, we’re glad Arci is happy and more confident now! At least she did not have to go all White Chicks over this new look!