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Author: Abby

Seagate launches ‘Be WISER’, urges consumers to buy only from authorized partners

Data storage company Seagate warns their customers of fraudulent resellers through their newest campaign called Be WISER. This campaign also aims to educate consumers about the benefits you can only get from buying brand new Seagate products at authorized partners. To get the best out of the Seagate brand, especially from their internal hard drives, they encourage their customers to buy only brand new products. As soon as you encounter problems with your product, you know Seagate has your back and will provide you with the service you need. Be WISER stands for Warranty, In-depth service, Support, End user promo, and Rescue. These...

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5 Yoga Poses to Add to Your Next Workout

June 21 is International Yoga Day! An aspect of working out that people tend to set aside is mindfulness. We want to distract ourselves from the uncomfortable feeling or the shaking but then we fail to understand that being one with our exercises enlightens us of their benefits even more. You’ll know exactly which muscles work here and how we can modify to either strengthen or restore. Yoga is equally a physical and mental exercise, creating harmony between what happens in the body and how the mind causes and reacts to the poses. So for International Yoga Day 2018, try adding...

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Fitness Basics: What to Bring On Your First Day at the Gym

You might be a little confused as to what people actually bring to the gym thanks to all the ‘What’s In My Gym Bag’ videos you’ve watched the night before. But it’s your first time and you don’t really need to bring too many things, just the obvious ones. The first few months are part of your adjustment period, meaning you’re still finding out what workouts you enjoy and what modifications are fit for you. You and your trainer are still understanding your own strength and weaknesses, how your body reacts to more or fewer reps, longer or shorter...

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5 Fitness Classes in Metro Manila If You Don’t Like Going to the Gym

The gym is fun for a lot of us but there’s also a number of people who just don’t like stepping in there. It might be the crowd, the sanitation, or simply not knowing which exercises to perform. Still wanting to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, some Filipinos prefer attending a fitness class like barre or cycling and there are a whole lot of them in Metro Manila alone. I like going to the gym but I find myself more disciplined and focused whenever I’m in a class. It’s something about the energy of your classmates and the...

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WATCH: This is the story of Norman King, the first Aeta U.P. graduate

We often struggle with our identities, dancing through life yet knowing what we’re bound for and what we’re meant to be. There are those who are blessed enough to have their lives set out for them as early as a year old and they would persevere to make it happen. Others simply don’t look back. IMAGE Courtesy of Safeguard When Norman King knew he was off to the University of the Philippines for college, he also knew he had to wear a bright red hoodie and sunglasses to his first day of school. He wanted to belong. Belonging seemed...

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