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Bela Padilla to body shamers on her Instagram: “Deal with it”

Bela Padilla to body shamers on her Instagram: “Deal with it”

Bela Padilla isn’t living for these Instagram body shamers.

The 26-year-old actress posted a photo of herself sitting on the sands and just enjoying life at Amanpulo. She was wearing a patterned Billabong two-piece swimsuit, a blue hat, and some H&M sunglasses on this Instagram photo.

Shortly after posting, she was shocked seeing a number of comments from Instagram users pointing out her belly fat (and in this age of body positivity too). Well, Bela Padilla isn’t settling for all those Instagram body shamers and she wasn’t afraid to respond through Twitter.

She tells her Twitter audience, “Shocked by the number of comments on my IG post, pointing out that I have a belly. Yes I do. It holds in my organs that I need to live. It has a layer of muscles that I worked hard for in the gym and a layer of fat from the food I enjoy to eat. Deal with it. PLUS I’m seated”.

Bela Padilla also added to this tweet that she could have easily edited out her belly but she decided not to because of the message an illusion of perfection would send to others.


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