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Where to Get the Best Bibingka and Puto Bumbong for Christmas

Where to Get the Best Bibingka and Puto Bumbong for Christmas

I know it’s really Christmas when I see a bibingka and puto bumbong stand right beside the church I go to for Simbanggabi. There’s something that’s welcoming about that charcoal and clay pot cooker, and the long line of people waiting to get their sweet treats.

From a family of Ilocanos, I grew up eating the sticky kind of bibingka, the one that resembles a cassava cake or palitaw. But even so, I still strongly prefer the fluffy and warm cake-type bibingka that’s popular during the holidays. It’s best with all the toppings – butter, grated coconut, cheese, and salted egg. No more, no less. Because of it reminds me so much of Christmas, I’ve come to differentiate this bibingka by referring to it as bibingkang pampasko.

And during the times when the stand would run out of bibingka, I just know there’s at least one puto bumbong waiting for me – and my money. This sticky delicacy is made out of purple yam or ube which gives it its iconic purple color. Even if restaurants all over the world keep experimenting with ube, puto bumbong will always be the OG purple yam sweet treat.

Here are our favorite places to get the best bibingka and puto bumbong in the country:

Ferino’s Bibingka

Ferino’s has got to be a favorite among families. With its numerous branches all over the Philippines, it’s never a hassle to head over to the nearest one and get yourself a hefty serving of their Bibingka Extra Super. Ferino’s products live up to its 64-year history as it continues to bring the fluffiest and tastiest Christmas bibingka and stickiest puto bumbong you’re bound to love.

Bibingka Extra Super – P120

Puto Bumbong – P65

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Pamana Pampanga’s Bibingka

Online magazine Spot PH has Pamana’s Pampanga’s Bibingka on the very top of their list of the best bibingkas in Manila. And you really won’t go wrong with Pamana and their 100 years of top quality authentic Filipino food and service. Dedicated to developing recipes that honor the core of Filipino cuisine, naturally their bibingka and puto bumbong has found a special place in their menu and in the Filipino Christmas spirit.

Pampanga’s Bibingka – P170

Puto Bumbong – P130

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Via Mare Bibingka

Via Mare’s bibingka and puto bumbong are both simple and classic, with the flavors you’ve known all your life. And even if it’s not Christmas, Via Mare’s take on these traditional Filipino treats will surely bring you back to childhood memories of holidays back then.

Via Mare’s Bibingka – P130/P160

Puto Bumbong – P80/P97 (with cheddar cheese)/P106 (with grated quezo de bola)


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