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The Biggest Blogopolis Yet!

The Biggest Blogopolis Yet!

The biggest blogging and social media conference is back this 2018! Last April 14, Nuffnang Philippines held their biggest Blogopolis yet – Blogopolis: The Digital Journey.

The conference started as usual conferences would with registration lines, booth activities, and freebies. But what made Blogopolis different was its cocktail buffet. Not everyone can pull off a cocktail buffet that can fill you up but Nuffnang Philippines and Dusit Thani sure did with the wide array of amazing sweets and savory treats, as well as a dedicated carving table because steak is truly the answer to life’s most difficult questions.

Big names graced the Blogopolis stage once more. Style icon Tricia Centenera hosted this year’s conference. And the first speaker was Bella Racelis, the bright and bubbly YouTuber who goes by ThatsBella on video. At only 16 years old, she has already set herself up for success.

Following her was Nuffnang Philippines’ Country Manager and Yugatech founder Abe Olandres, who talked about everything technical you need to know about blogging and social media managing.

For the day’s first Q&A and panel discussion, Bella and Abe were joined by SEO specialist, Macho Mom, and author of top lifestyle blog KikaysikatKaycee EnervaFor those who want to learn the starting points of SEO, Kaycee’s definitely the person to ask.

True enough, content creators far and wide who attended the conference were thrilled to be able to ask very specific questions to the specialists and so left with new insights for their own blogs.

The conference surely wasn’t going to end there. Up next were the country’s digital experts and top names, including Cat Triviño of Jollibee, Niña Terol of Kick Fire Kitchen, Aryanna Epperson, Arisse de Santos, and Mikyle Quizon.

Cat surprised the audience with her interactive presentation, giving the audience some questions and then generating on screen the people’s live answers.

Niña shared about creating content that moves hearts, minds, communities; and sparks real change in the real world.

The next few panelists focused much on community-building, these being Walt Steven Young of Adobomall, the ever-dynamic Lloyd Cafe Cadena, and Eason de Guzman of OPPO.


Nuffnang Philippines is currently preparing for their 2018 Nuffie Day, one whole day dedicated to giving back to the communities that need it the most. Following Miguel Bermundo‘s #GlobeOfGood talk, Abe explained how Nuffnang will be a part of this movement, focusing on their thrust towards education.

Our last set of speakers included the duo behind GooglyGooeys, Tippy and Anthony Go. They were followed by MRM/McCann’s very own Jason Cruz, and beauty guru Martha Sta. Barbara-Villarama. The panel for this segment included these four iconic speakers and Michael Josh Villanueva, the mind behind tech blog Gadgetmatch.

Martha also took to Instagram to share one of her favorite points during her talk, “Eventually, I realized GRIT is more important than passion. Eventually, Passion can die. You can be passionate with something else. Passion can be tiring. But what will determine how long you can last in this industry is GRIT. Any online platform can die, but with GRIT, you don’t have to and you can just take your brand anywhere.”

It’s quite difficult to find your real self in this sea of budding bloggers and influencers. To add, it’s not rare that we hear accounts of cyberbullying because a person has simply decided to come out of their shell.

During Blogopolis, an OPPO panel composing of the brand’s Digital Marketing Manager Alora Guerrero, their Brand Marketing Director Jane Wan, and Abe Olandres, was dedicated to talking about the issue regarding cyberbullying aptly naming the panel Embrace and #CaptureTheRealYou.

In line with this, OPPO’s content scholars were awarded during the event. These being: Jonalyn Lora, Gabriel Eric Villanueva, and Paula Criselda Cabildo.

Moments later, the winners of the Nuffie Awards were announced but that’s a whole other blog altogether! One of the nominees went home with three awards and all well-deserved.

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Photos by Ritz Aguspina and Armand dela Cruz for Nuffnang Philippines

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