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How to Turn Cheap False Lashes Into Wispy Natural-Looking Falsies

How to Turn Cheap False Lashes Into Wispy Natural-Looking Falsies

This morning we came across a false lashes hack that is honestly a total gamechanger. User Paloma Garcia posted on Facebook how she was able to turn cheap $1 false eyelashes into those wispy natural-looking falsies everyone’s paying $5 or more for.

Cheap lashes from the department store or even Daiso can be a little too bold for any occasion. These lashes usually hold strange triangular shapes and are nothing like your natural lashes. This is why most prefer mink lashes, falsies and extensions that are fluffy and curl like they’re actually your real lashes. However, mink falsies and extensions can cost up to $100 or even more.

But sometimes you just need falsies for one big event. And thanks to this hack, you can achieve a $100 look using your cheap lashes and only one makeup tool. Maybe some patience too. This hack requires one common makeup brush you probably already have – your trusty spoolie.

In the Facebook video, Paloma roughly brushed through her falsies to loosen up the individual strands. It seems coarse and kind of like nylon but remember you’re still working with cheap lashes here.

The end result of the falsies hack looks like this:

IMAGE Paloma Garcia via Facebook

Promise Tamang (or Promise Phan as many know her), a popular beauty guru on Youtube saw the hack and decided to try it out herself. She used gentler motions to separate the strands but ended up with the same natural-looking falsies.

Let us know if you’re trying this out for yourself!

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