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Club Clio Pearly Night Collection Release, Reviews, Swatches

Club Clio Pearly Night Collection Release, Reviews, Swatches

The much awaited Club Clio Peripera Pearly Night Collection is now in the Philippines! This sparkly, shining, shimmering, splendid Peripera limited edition holiday collection features Peripera’s bestselling products but with the most stunning and glittery packaging you could ever ask for.

Peripera, Korean makeup brand Clio’s teen sister and the one behind those Airy Ink Velvet Lip Tints, decided to release a glittery edition to their already popular and top-of-the-line makeup products. This year, Peripera’s Pearly Night Collection features their Ink Lasting CushionInk Velvet Lip Tints, and a trio of Peripera Hand Creams but with a little extra holiday glam. The collection will also be releasing new products – the Pearly Night Ink HighlighterPearly Night Liquid Glitter Shadow, and Pearly Night Lip Glitter.

Peripera’s Pearly Night line was released in Korea last November 1, 2017.

Peripera Pearly Night Collection: Product List

1. Peripera Pearly Night Ink Lasting Cushion (Pink)

3 Shades – #1 Pink Ivory, #2 Pink Beige, #3 Pink Sand

This pink cushion is full coverage and has a cool undertone to it. It also gives you that rosy pink glow for a brightening effect. The packaging of the Peripera Pearly Night Ink Lasting Cushion is liquid glitter – like those cellphone cases with the “water” and glitter inside you can move around!

Club Clio USA

2. Peripera Pearly Night Ink Lasting Cushion (Lavender)

3 Shades – #1 Ivory, #2 Beige, #3 Sand

The lavender cushion has a warm undertone and complements people with deeper skin tones. Though Peripera only offers three rather light shades, #3 Sand is a good match for most Filipino skin tones. This has full coverage, but you also have the option to apply it lightly for a more natural look. The packaging on this is the same as its Pink version, with the liquid glitter on the top you can play around with.

Club Clio USA

3. Peripera Pearly Night Ink Velvet Lip Tint

4 Shades – #1 Sellout Red, #2 So Grapefruit, #6 Celeb Deep Rose, #14 Beauty Peak Rose

Peripera’s bestselling Ink Velvet Lip Tints get ready for the holidays with a new Christmas packaging – an actual (yes, real snow glitter) snow globe topper, melted patches of snow, and a pink cap to replace the dropper-looking cap it originally has. These lip tints are just the same formula, but in a different more adorable packaging you can only get this Christmas season.

Club Clio USA

4. Peripera Pearly Night Hand Cream

3 Scents – Sweet Bouquet, Vanilla Hug, Girl’s Cotton

Peripera’s Girl’s Perfume Hand Creams are also back with a holiday twist! These are really moisturizing and soft without the sticky feeling after. It reminds us a lot of the Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, but with a better smell to it just like a soft-scented perfume.

Club Clio USA

5. Peripera Pearly Night Ink Highlighter

2 Shades – Lavender Space Beam, Pink Champagne Beam

If you’re not into those intense highlights, the Peripera Pearly Night Ink Highlighter gives a subtle yet long-lasting chok chok glow. The Lavender one is designed for cool undertones and kind of reminds us of the Colourpop Honeymoon Highlighter that’s an opalescent pearl with blue and violet glitter. The pink one is for warm undertones and for a more natural finish. Although, you know, whatever works for you works so just get both of them if you can. Real good

Club Clio USA

6. Peripera Pearly Night Liquid Glitter Shadow

5 Shades – Pink Melody, Candy Cane, Kitten Beige, Bronze Ring, Midnight

Peripera’s Pearly Night Liquid Glitter Shadows are intense, easy to blend, and super pigmented. The glitter is just so packed in this thing that it’s not patchy at all. It also doesn’t break apart after a while! Apply it all over the lid for a wet eyelid look, or use it as a glitter liner – anything. It’s great. It’s 10/10. Amazing. Groundbreaking.

Korea Depart

Beauty Box Korea

7. Peripera Pearly Night Lip Glitter

2 Shades – Space Trip, Girls Pink Night

The Pearly Night lip gloss line might look intimidating at first, especially that black one, but it’s actually just your usual lip gloss. Although not in our list of the best products out there, the formula on these glittery ones is light and it definitely won’t glue your lips shut. Just try to do your best in keeping that giant star glitter on your lips and away from your teeth.

Beauty Box Korea

Peripera Pearly Night Collection: Review and Swatches

Because of its November 2017 release in Korea, many YouTubers and makeup artists have already made substantial review about this line. It’s turning out to be one of the most sought-after limited edition products in Korea and I myself am very disappointed I don’t have that Lavender cushion in my hands.

If you’re looking for swatches and somehow understand a little Korean, check out Stella Kang’s first impression and swatch video!

Philippine Release Details

The Club Clio/Peripera Pearly Night Collection is available for purchase starting December 1, 2017 (Friday) but only at their Trinoma and Mall of Asia branches. Price list will be available soon.

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