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Mother survives the Delaware car crash that killed her husband and four daughters

Mother survives the Delaware car crash that killed her husband and four daughters

On July 6 at around 3:45 p.m., a pickup truck crossed over the highway median and slammed into a minivan killing the father, Audie Trinidad, 61 and all their four daughters — Kaitlyn, Danna, and twins Allison and Melissa. The mother, Mary Rose Trinidad miraculously survived the crash after being rushed to emergency for serious injuries.

Mary Rose was admitted at the Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware and is currently alert and stable.

The family was on the way home from a trip to Maryland, according to ABC News, when a southbound pickup truck suddenly crossed over the median.

New York Post spoke with Audie’s brother, Daniel Trinidad, and said that the father’s and daughter’s bodies at the morgue were ‘unrecognizable’.

Daniel has also confirmed that Mary Rose is aware of the happenings. “They’re all gone” was the only way both of them could describe the situation.

“My brother was a loving husband. He’s the oldest of eight siblings. He could not say no to his wife and would always give to his daughters,” Daniel told the outlet.

A GoFundMe page was set up shortly after by ‘Teaneck Families and Friends’ in Teaneck, New Jersey to help support the mother. A part of the page reads, “It is unknown at this time the amount of support this mother will need and we did not intend to set a limited goal. However, any assistance of any kind is greatly appreciated at this difficult time.”

Friends, family members, and anonymous donors have donated more than $150,000, more than half of their $250,000 goal.

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