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Ellen Adarna gets sued for child abuse, cybercrime, and libel over viral Instagram video

Ellen Adarna gets sued for child abuse, cybercrime, and libel over viral Instagram video

Ellen Adarna has faced serious consequences after she accused 17-year-old Eleila Santos of taking a photo of her without permission at Mendoroko Ramenaba. Last May 4, Adarna posted a certain video on her Instagram Stories saying that the girl a few seats away from her was holding her phone up because she [Santos] pulling a paparazzi.

Eleila Santos saw Adarna’s Instagram video and wrote on Twitter that she was simply taking a video of the ramen and the restaurant without even knowing of Ellen Adarna’s presence at the venue. Santos even posted the video on her Twitter thread to further prove that she was merely appreciating the place.

As Santos defended herself, the actress continued posting on her Instagram Stories insisting that it was a paparazzi move. She even called on the owner of the restaurant to release the CCTV footage.

On May 7, Eleila Santos’ mother Myra Santos posted on Facebook an open letter to Ellen Adarna summarizing the incident and explaining how her daughter was wrongly accused by the actress.

She added that they have already sought legal assistance in the matter, “My lawyer indicates that you will have five days to reply to this letter. Should you fail or refuse to do so, we will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal actions necessary under the circumstances, to protect and uphold the best interest and welfare of our 17 year old, Eleila A. Santos.”

Ellen Adarna did not issue a public apology nor did she reply to the open letter.

As confirmed by a family member and representative to SmartParenting, Myra Santos did file a case against Ellen Adarna for child abuse, cyberbullying, and libel at the Pasig City Hall in the morning of May 15.

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