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Filipino Slang 2017: What Does ‘Lodi’ Mean?

Filipino Slang 2017: What Does ‘Lodi’ Mean?

A year ago we published an article on 5 Pinoy slang for 2016. But the times they are a changin’ and pak ganern hasn’t been regularly used since the first quarter of this year. Recently, there was a really strange influx of new slang words, and we’re theorizing it’s due to the popularization of the What’s Your Ulam Pare? Facebook group.

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This Facebook group of around 50,000 members is dedicated to photo posts of whatever a member is eating at that moment. It’s a community where people can appreciate the usual pares or a gourmet meal from a classy restaurant equally. Members of the group call each other mga lodiorbs, or repa. But what do these all mean?

Simple answer? Interchange the first and second syllables.

Here are the common new Filipino slang words we found in the group:


Lodi means idol. Similar to pare or brolodi is a term you call a friend or more specifically, someone you look up to like a real idol. Though people just use it to call each other now, the meaning of lodi is truly fulfilled whenever you refer to someone who just did something impressive (such as share a photo of delicious looking food).

Ex. Kumusta naman tayo mga lodi? Okay ba?


If you read it backwards, it reads bro, the shortened word for brother.


Repa or pare is another term of endearment similar to orb or orbski.


Unlike the first two words, petmalu is an adjective to describe something impressive or amazing.

Ex. Ito nga pala ang pinaka-petmalu na burger sa Parañaque! Kain na mga orbs!


Sogbu is busog, that full or bloated feeling you get after eating a scrumptious meal.

Ex. Sobra-sobrang sogbu ko na sa kinain kong 2-piece ChickenJoy!


Werpa is a variation of the expression “power!” popularized by Filipino YouTuber CongTV in his video regarding networking. This is commonly used to express approval or encouragement.

Ex. More werpa sa inyo mga orbski!


Sarap! Sarap is the Filipino word for delicious.

Ex. Ito na ang napaka-rapsa kong sinigang para sa inyo!


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