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This Giant Taho Almost Looks Like Milk Tea and We Need It Everywhere

This Giant Taho Almost Looks Like Milk Tea and We Need It Everywhere

There’s a taho vendor in Cagayan de Oro right beside the Xavier University main gate who sells taho a little differently than most. It will make you wonder if what you have on your hands is actually milk tea or the silken tofu snack we all love to have any time of day.

This was exactly Homer Tabas’ reaction when he bought from this taho vendor. Not only was he given a giant cup, he also grabbed a straw to go with it. What he had in his hands looked exactly like milk tea complete with white pearls.

But nope, Homer went here specifically for taho. The vendor he saw at Xavier University sold taho in various sizes. None of those measly 6oz mini plastic cups from your usual magtataho. If we’re going for taho, we’re going big.

Taho is a Filipino snack consisting of silken tofu and arnibal which is caramelized brown sugar. It’s then topped with tiny sago pearls. This snack (or drink) is usually a ‘breakfast in a cup’ because if you see past all the sugar, it’s also a good source of protein.

Homer Tabas posted photos of this unique taho experience on his Twitter and it blew up in just a matter of days. Three days after, the giant taho tweet gained more than 43,7000 likes and 14,900 retweets. It trended so much that it caught the attention of the Philippine Star who even posted the photos of the giant taho on their Facebook page.

We’re not sure if there’s only one taho vendor like this but we definitely need this everywhere. If not, we can always bring out our one-liter pitchers to our regular morning taho vendor. No regrets.

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