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This ‘@Panginoon’ Twitter Exists and It’s Going To Make Your Day Better

This ‘@Panginoon’ Twitter Exists and It’s Going To Make Your Day Better

A Filipino parody account called ‘@PANGINOON’ exists and it’s honestly one of the funniest things we’ve seen in the internet today.

If you have a problem, just tweet God about it. Besides, he’s the best one to talk to about qualms against the universe. Whether it’s about how to sleep better or how he created the universe, here are 10 tweets from @PANGINOON that will surely make your day even just a little bit better:

1. That time he revealed how his favorite band created the world

2. He provides rest for the weary

3. Sleep is life but skincare is lifer

4. Halo-halo party? Gotchu.

5. But more importantly, someone will always be there to love you.

6. Woah der

7. Is this his favorite food combo?

8. That time judgment was based on you lip syncing for your life

9. Nyz 1, God!

10. And when he proudly posted his new profile picture on Twitter


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