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IV of Spades and Unique Salonga just dropped new music videos at the same time

IV of Spades and Unique Salonga just dropped new music videos at the same time

Filipino rock band IV of Spades just dropped a new music video for their recently released single ‘In My Prison’. Soon after, their former member Unique Salonga released his single ‘Midnight Sky’ and its music video as well.

Now a three-piece band, IV of Spades, composed of Blaster Silonga, Zildjian Benitez, and Badjao de Castro, took to new heights as they released their first single ‘In My Prison’. The song was released simultaneously on Spotify and YouTube on July 12.

The music video for In My Prison featured an eerie, almost suspenseful atmosphere making use of a Venetian-style setting with dimmed lights and even women in black lace veils like it’s something out of a cult suspense film.

Less than 24 hours since its release, In My Prison has over 86,000 views on YouTube and is currently on the top trending list in the Philippines. The ‘In My Prison’ album art features the same orange hue as their past singles Hey BarbaraWhere Have You Been My Disco?, and Mundo.

UNIQUE releases first solo single ‘Midnight Sky’

Unique Salonga, the group’s former lead vocalist and now known as UNIQUE, also released his own single on the same date. His song Midnight Sky was already performed before with his fans even posting covers of the song on YouTube. He officially released it as his single just on July 12, with a full recording up on Spotify and a music video on YouTube.

The music video for Midnight Sky is in black-and-white, painting the song’s dramatic and melancholic feel. It’s a dark and foggy atmosphere with what seems to be a makeshift bedroom lit only by hazy light. The video ends with UNIQUE deciding to make his way out of the bedroom yet leaving the door open behind him.

UNIQUE’s music video was produced by him and Kean Cipriano, the vocalist of Filipino pop-rock band Callalily.

UNIQUE announced his decision to leave IV of Spades a few months ago to take care of ‘personal endeavors’. IV of Spades understood fully and maintained the name as they continued the band as a trio.

Later on, UNIQUE went solo and signed a deal under Kean Cipriano’s record label OC Records.

UNIQUE’s Midnight Sky is available on Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music, and of course on Spotify.


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