TV host and actress Iya Villania and her husband Drew Arellano are expecting a second child! The gender reveal was done through a unique and intense workout session at Avante Garde Crossfit.

After a few weights and some rows, Iya had her husband do one last pull-up to pop a balloon attached to the bar. The balloon contained blue powder revealing that they are expecting another boy. Primo is officially a kuya!

The couple announced the reveal through a video they posted on both their Instagram accounts. Drew Arellano captioned his with, “Boy oh boy Oh boy.🤪 Another awesome #genderreveal made possible again by @hannah_olives and @javyo! Organizing, documenting and editing all done by the Olives’! Mwaaaah! Big thanks to @anton7reales of @avantgardecrossfit for letting us thrash the box with blue powder!🤪#18.1 #18.1+1”

Iya Villania and Drew Arellano wed back in 2014. Their first child, Primo, was born August 2016.