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WATCH: Jep Paraiso’s Perfect Depiction of Your Tita During Christmas

WATCH: Jep Paraiso’s Perfect Depiction of Your Tita During Christmas

You have only 30 days left until you see your titas again for the holidays. And you know exactly what that means. Yeah, you guessed it, those comments of you gaining a lot of weight and being asked where your mom bought her designer bag.

USA-based Filipino YouTuber Jep Paraiso posted a video of him in a funny face-warping filter depicting your typical Tita of Manila during the holidays. He has always found it hilarious having to interact with his Filipino aunts during Thanksgiving and saw it as a great opportunity to make a parody video of the usual tita lines he hears. Of course, he just had to start it with the famous “you got fat” line.

Jep Paraiso’s videos are so accurate that honestly, I have aunts who sound exactly like this.


Thanksgiving Titas reaches 4.3 million views in a few days

While some vloggers would take months before a million hits, his first Titas on Thanksgiving video went viral real fast and now has reached more than 4.3 million views on Facebook. But that’s not the end for Jep Paraiso. He posted another Tita video but this time depicting a certain ‘Tita Bebe’ babysitting for the day.

Our favorite line from this has got to be “So, how much your mother paid for her Louis Vuitton bag? It’s okay, you tell me!” Persistence is key.

After this, he followed up his viral video right away with a Part 2 of his Thanksgiving Titas that is as funny as the first.


Jep Paraiso vlogs and does amazing covers on his YouTube channel, JeppyParaiso. And speaking of covers, he also posted this video of him nailing those high notes from the song Beauty and the Beast. We were expecting to laugh but his control over his riffs just made our jaws drop.


Tito is coming to town

We love how talented Jep is. He’s funny and can totally beat you at karaoke. So what’s next for him?

In this most recent upload, Tita Thanksgiving showed her gratitude towards everyone that found the video funny and relatable. In the next months, be sure to watch out for Tito Thanksgiving – your uncle who’s corny, loves beer, and strangely sounds like Elvis Presley when he starts speaking.

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