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What Just Happened to the KFC Philippines Fries?

What Just Happened to the KFC Philippines Fries?

This afternoon, we found out that KFC Philippines fries are no more, or at least not the way you remember them anymore.

KFC fries are known for their unique blend that probably comes from their chicken recipe’s 11 secret spices, a softer mashed potato-like inside, and a darker brown color that’s far from every other fast food chain’s golden yellow fries. The KFC recipe for fries taste a lot like curly fries, or perhaps the curly fries taste a lot like them.

Today, we found out through Facebook and Twitter that the KFC fries recipe as we know it is no more. It has been replaced by the commercial golden yellow strips of fries we know so well. These fries now look like that of ‘every fast food chain’s fries.’

Christian Gusto Arranz took to Facebook to share some photos of the new KFC fries. It’s now a thinner cut and without any trace of the mildly spicy and ultra flavorful potato wedges we’ve come to know and love. This post has nearly 1K reactions and hundreds of shares, with most of the users hitting the sad or the angry reaction.

Some of the fries were thicker in cut, but some were served with thinner fries. These new fries resemble that of KFC USA’s, thicker than other fries and with a pale yellow color. KFC USA does serve what seems like the original KFC fries, but they’re a different item on the menu and are called potato wedges.

It seems as though the KFC fries have really changed, much to the dismay of most of KFC Philippines’ customers. And our cravings.

Looks like it’s time to bust out that DIY KFC fries recipe once and for all.

So what happened to the KFC fries?

The Typist Team has reached out to KFC Philippines regarding this. KFC responded to us saying that this change is only temporary as they are ‘currently working out supply issues.’ They also said that our favorite signature KFC fries will be back real soon.


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