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Kam’s Roast Manila: What’s on the Menu

Kam’s Roast Manila: What’s on the Menu

Kam’s Roast Goose, a Michelin-star restaurant that started in Hong Kong, opens in Manila today May 15.

Last week, we were invited to the launch of Kam’s Roast Philippines to try some of their signature dishes and have a sneak-peek at the Michelin-star restaurant’s new home.

The entrance was still boarded up when we arrived, which made us wonder if we were in the right place. We went inside and saw quite a luxurious place, with round tables similar to that of fancy Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines. Kam’s Roast Manila can house up to 78 guests, with function rooms down the back to seat 24.

Kam’s Roast Goose was founded in commemoration of the Yung Kee Restaurant founders Mr. Kam Shui Fai and his son, Mr. Kam Kinsen Kwan Sing. The internationally-acclaimed restaurant constantly garnered praise for their quality of food and Kam’s Roast, as the third generation, aims to do the same.

They have brought the Hong Kong restaurant vibe and rich flavors to its branch in the Philippines, with their signature roast dishes and the round tables that could fit a family of 12.

So what’s on the Kam’s Roast Manila menu? A lot of roasting – roast pork, roast duck, and perfectly cooked suckling pig that will leave you wanting for more. However, unlike the Hong Kong restaurant, the branch here won’t have goose on the menu. They do have some appetizers that will instantly remind you of Hong Kong.

Appetizers and Side Dishes

We started off with two of Kam’s Roast Manila’s best appetizers – the Marinated Cucumber with Vinegar and Garlic and Marinated Tofu.

The Marinated Cucumber was a pleasant surprise for me. I thought it would be the soft and soggy type of cucumber but Kam’s Roast’s still had a crunch to it and a fresh cool taste. The marinade strongly tasted of ginger, but just enough to complement the slightly sweet taste of the cucumber.

There’s something about the Marinated Tofu that just reminded us a lot of Hong Kong. It’s almost like a sweet vinegar taste, but only subtly so the taste of the tofu itself is still present.

We were then served with some Wonton Soup, a simple broth with shrimp wontons and bok choy.

Main Dishes

The Roast Pork at Kam’s Roast Manila was served with yellow mustard, far from the American mustard taste and nearer to the Japanese wasabi. The skin was thin and crunchy while the meat itself wasn’t at all tough but very tender and juicy. Many likened it to lechon macau and lechon kawali, but both of those have a noticeably thicker layer of skin.

We were then served with the Kam’s Roast special Roast Duck with plum sauce – thin and crispy skin with a hint of sweetness to the meat. If you’re craving for chicken, try their Soy Chicken dish, a traditional Cantonese cuisine dish known for its simple yet enjoyable flavors.

The Kam’s Roast here in the Philippines also imports their chickens and ducks. They’re foreign breeds but they’re raised locally to ensure the good quality of meat served.

The last two dishes were my top favorites from the menu – the Suckling Pig and the Toro Char Siu Pork.

The Suckling Pig is one of the most-sought-after dishes at Kam’s Roast Manila, aside from the Roast Duck. Its crispy golden brown skin will remind you of the Philippines’ own lechon, but this time with less of the fat and more of the meat. Just like all of Kam’s Roast’s dishes, this one also boasts tender meat with a preparation process that literally took generations to perfect.

Among all of Kam’s Roast Manila’s dishes, the Char Siu Pork was my top favorite. They serve their Char Siu in two different ways – the Regular Char Siu and the Toro Char Siu. Kam’s Roast Manila noticed a trend among their guests – younger guests would usually go for the Toro Char Siu while the older ones loved the classic Char Siu taste.

The Toro Char Siu has a little bite to it and is a sweeter blend compared to the regular Char Siu. It’s sweet but it’s very well-balanced. I was still grabbing some Char Siu slices even towards the end of the launch.


The Char Siu, like all of Kam’s Roast Manila’s dishes, are all served simply – in their own marinade, or with a side of dipping sauce.

To accompany the main dishes was a plate of dry noodles and a bowl of broth. There are two flavors of their dry noodles – Shrimp Roe and Scallion Ginger Dry Noodles. We opted for the Scallion Ginger one, as recommended by one of Kam’s Roast’s servers. These noodles can be enjoyed on their own or dipped into the broth.

Kam’s Roast Manila opens on May 15, 2018. They will start accomodating take-out orders on June 1, 2018.

Kam’s Roast Manila is located at 3/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila, Philippines

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