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Kelsey Merritt shoots with Victoria’s Secret

Kelsey Merritt shoots with Victoria’s Secret

Kelsey Merritt, Filipino-American model now based in New York, shared some behind-the-scenes snaps from her dream shoot with lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

The model wrote on her official Twitter account last May 12 that it is confirmed she will be shooting with Victoria’s Secret soon. No other details have been revealed.

On May 15, Merritt posted a photo on her Instagram saying she’s finally on the set of her lifelong dream photoshoot. She posted another photo again a day later of a mirror selfie of her in one of the Victoria’s Secret outfits – a pastel blue sports bra top and plain black leggings. “Dream job with dream team,” she captioned.

Before the shoot, Kelsey Merritt also took to Twitter to share her excitement saying that she has been preparing herself, physically and mentally, to believe this opportunity has really landed. She even updated her followers on Instagram and Twitter that she’s cooking up some champorado as a reward to herself for successfully fulfilling one of her life goals.

Based on Kelsey’s photos, she is shooting with Victoria’s Secret activewear line, Victoria’s Sports. Her dream is to walk on the Victoria’s Secret runway and earn her wings as an official Angel and with the looks of it, that doesn’t seem like a farfetched dream to us.

Kelsey Merritt is currently based in New York and is represented by Women Management Milano, an NY-based modeling agency that manages many top models globally such as Winnie Harlow and Sun Fei Fei. Merritt also works with Supreme Modeling Agency, Wilhelmina Models, and Nomad Management.

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