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5 Engagement Rings Like Meghan Markle’s

5 Engagement Rings Like Meghan Markle’s

When the news about the royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke out, all eyes quickly turned to Meghan’s engagement ring that was apparently designed by Prince Harry himself. Meghan Markle’s stunning engagement ring is composed of two diamonds from his mother Princess Diana’s personal collection, a Botswana diamond center stone because of the place’s significance to the couple’s relationship, all across a thin gold band to complement Meghan’s skin tone.

According to Nic Cerrone, founder of Cerrone Jewellers, the center diamond is a cushion-cut that is currently quite on-demand. Usually, when there is a royal engagement, people would flock to popular jewellers and request a ring exactly like theirs. Princess Diana’s sapphire ring that was passed down the Kate Middleton was also an immensely popular request when Kate and William announced their engagement.

If you plan on putting a little twist to Meghan Markle’s already beautiful engagement ring, here are 5 rings that carry that 3-stone setting and/or cushion cut centerpiece you should definitey check out:

1. McTeigue & McClelland Three Stone Ring ($25,500) – Barneys


2. River Island Silver Tone Lilac Square Diamante Ring (P799) – Zalora


3. Fairytale Sparkle Ring (P3,950) – Pandora


4. Vibrant Yellow Sapphire Ring (Price upon request) – JMA Jewelry

JMA Jewelry

5. Carry YG (P35,226) – Karat World

Karat World

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