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LIST: Top 10 Best Debut Themes, Motifs, and Elements for 2018

LIST: Top 10 Best Debut Themes, Motifs, and Elements for 2018

There’s nothing like having an 18th birthday that’s one for the books. We’re going to skip the shade today and bring you our top 10 best debut themes and motifs for this year!

For 2018 we’re thinking lots of travel and vintage themes. You can also play around with the color of the year, ultraviolet, and brown as color motifs.

In the end, it’s all about the debutante’s personality. But to help you out, we’ve gathered some debut themes, motifs, and elements perfect for 2018 to inspire you.

1. Under the Stars

Here’s one take on the Color of the Year for 2018. Well, okay, we admit it’s kind of too blue to be ultraviolet.

This debut theme reminds us a lot of the sea during nighttime, serene and elegant. We also think that the ceiling projection is a simple yet great way to spice up the set design. And we haven’t seen this done in a lot of debuts yet!

JennyArt Design

2. Purple and Cream

If you’re not a fan of the ultra-ness of this year’s Color of the Year, try a pastel purple instead. And before your debut starts looking like an eggplant, don’t forget to whip out those cream colored elements to balance it all out.

The Knot

3. Colorful Travel Debut Invitation

Gone are the days when travel-themed invitations were simply brown, gold, and green. This year is the year to play a lot with bursts of color. Try reds and a pastel shade of teal, and keep the typography and design simple.

Knotsvilla Wedding Blog

4. Constellation and Celestial Motif

Celestial elements such as constellations and marble galaxies are back! But this time in navy blue and gold. Here’s a mood board from Rachel Emma Studio to inspire your constellation-themed debut party.

Rachel Emma Studio

Jet Fete

5. Elements – Starry Night Backdrop

We’ve been seeing this starry night backdrop in parties everywhere. It’s one element you should definitely consider because think of all the nice photo-op moments! All you need is a lot of LED (to be safe) fairy lights and some tulle.

Summer Brewer

Amazon Fashion EU

6. Elements – Watercolor Invitations

Splashes of watercolor and handwritten invites have been very trendy these days. You really won’t go wrong with any color for these be it pastel or a deep burgundy.

Ink Scribbler

Alex Choura

7. Elements – Flower Wall

Whatever your debut theme or motif this 2018 is, consider getting a flower wall. Many have been incorporating this into their events and parties because of the instant elegance it brings and of course you have to satisfy those selfie-hungry guests of yours.

Wedding Luxe

8. Elements – Floral Ceilings and Arches

We abandoned the arch entrances for a while but now they’re back and this time in the form of floral ceilings. Floral ceilings can be for the whole place or just at the entrance. The multiple floral and light arch is also trendy and is constantly a top debut theme element choice for many.

Jovan Rosa

Elizabeth Anne Designs

9. Mint and Gold Debut Theme

The mint and gold debut theme and color motif remind us of Tiffany’s and maybe a bit of ancient Greek if you add some pillars and a goddess-like dress. This is the year to get creative!

Elegant Wedding Invites

10. Red Carpet Debut Theme

Tie up the movie debut theme with red carpet elements. This debut theme is literally a showstopper so go big!




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