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Logan Paul Apologizes to Victim’s Family for ‘Suicide Forest’ Video

Logan Paul Apologizes to Victim’s Family for ‘Suicide Forest’ Video

YouTuber Logan Paul recently posted a video of him and his team in Aokigahara, Japan’s “suicide forest”, that caused quite a stir among his subscribers and viewers. The video showed a dead man’s body in the forest, and him and his team making jokes about it passing it off as a “coping mechanism”. He knew the severity of suicide among many people across the world and clarified that the video’s intention was to raise awareness of the importance of mental health in the world today.

People who watched the vlog quickly pointed out what’s wrong with it – that them disrespecting the bodies of suicide victims isn’t what Logan calls “raising awareness.” Properly raising awareness for mental health isn’t showing triggering images of dead bodies lost to suicide. It isn’t bringing a camera inside a suicide forest and showing it off as an entertaining part of a show. And it will never be making a funny scene off a person’s succumbing to life’s unforgiving trials.

Logan Paul has since deleted the video from his YouTube channel and has also apologized for what he has done through both a self-video and a written apology coursed through his official Twitter account. He added that he and his team did not ‘know how to react or how to feel’ towards the experience that they had.

Logan apologized to the Internet, those who are ‘touched by mental illness’, and to the victim and his family. He also addressed a message to his fans condoning what he has done to not support the action because he knows it’s not something that should be given even the tiniest bit of support.

Even so, many criticized this apology saying that he only apologized because he was called out for it. Philip De Franco pointed out that most of Logan’s audience even liked the video. The video even trended #1 on YouTube, prompting negative reactions from the YouTube community. An official statement from the platform has been released.


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