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Maria Ozawa Reveals ‘Unprofessional’ Encounter with Uber

Maria Ozawa Reveals ‘Unprofessional’ Encounter with Uber

Maria Ozawa revealed through a Facebook post an encounter with an Uber driver who invaded her privacy. Ozawa says that she received a messaged from “Ben” who claimed that he got her number through an Uber driver. Before this incident, she has already been experiencing incidents of stalking.

Ozawa already took down her Facebook post as per Uber’s request. This deleted Facebook post was Ozawa expressing her disappointment towards TNV (Transport Network Vehicles) drivers from Uber, Grab, and the like, for being so unprofessional.

She already changed her name on the app, wore sunglasses and sometimes even caps, only for her number to be given away to other drivers or strangers.

She also tried calling the Uber hotline but they did not pick up.

Just yesterday, Uber reached out to Maria and assured that they will track down the driver who ‘gave away [her] number’. After the investigation, it was found out that ‘Ben’ was actually Ozawa’s Uber driver at one point. Not only did he used his professional accesses for personal indulgements, he also lied to Ozawa telling her that he got her number somewhere else.

The actress also commented on how much she loves the Philippines but cannot ‘trust the country at all’ because of the unprofessional drivers she has encountered. “Maybe it’s hard to tell that to all the people but at least in Japan, that’s how we were taught in [the] business world. Especially when they handle something personal from their customers,” Maria Ozawa said in her most recent Facebook post.

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