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How does the McDo Doodelivery work on Instagram Stories?

How does the McDo Doodelivery work on Instagram Stories?

When you can’t think of anything to eat for lunch, you go back to the basics – McDonald’s Delivery. But instead of grabbing your phone or logging into the McDelivery website, McDonald’s Philippines has launched a new way of ordering and it involves some visual art skills

McDonald’s Philippines launched something called the ‘Doodelivery’. It’s a new delivery process that requires a public Instagram account and a whole lot of creativity.

The McDo Doodelivery service will be available on June 8, 2018 from 1PM to 5PM within the McDo McDelivery Service areas. The fast-food brand did note that some areas may not be serviced by the Doodelivery program. However, upon looking at the list of McDelivery areas, most major areas in the country are included anyway.

How does McDo Doodelivery work?

The McDo Doodelivery is actually very simple. All you have to do is log in to your Instagram account (make sure it’s not on private), open Instagram Stories, and draw an image of the food or drink you want to be delivered to your doorstep.

Ready to doodle your way to some McDo goodness? Here are the official Doodelivery instructions:

  1. Set your Instagram account to public.
  2. Doodle your McDo food order on Instagram Stories.
  3. Tag @McDo_PH, use the hashtag #Doodelivery, and publish your story! This is how we will be notified of your order.
  4. Wait for us to confirm your order via @McDo_PH Instagram Direct Message or a phone call.
    Please be on standby for this in order to avoid cancellation of your order.
  5. Once we have your delivery details, we will process your order accordingly.

Doodelivery sounds super fun so we couldn’t help but think if the food will be delivered free! Unfortunately, this is just McDo’s new delivery service and we’re quite sure the items won’t be free of charge.

McDo Philippines also encourages their Doodelivery participants to be extra creative and use GIFs and stickers.

Here’s our attempt at doodling one of our fave menu items from McDo:

Are there any other details about the Doodelivery that we have to know?

McDonald’s states that the following items are not included in the Doodelivery service:

  1. Breakfast menu
  2. McCafe bistro menu
  3. McFreeze
  4. Hot Chocolate

Some deliveries might take 30 minutes to an hour and is only available for one day – June 8, 2018 from 1PM to 5PM.

For more information on the Doodelivery service, check out the McDo Philippines website.

Watch how the McDo Doodelivery service works here:

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