McDonald’s posted a teaser yesterday prompting people to guess what their two new products will be. The social media poster reads ‘Same spice. Two Ways.’ with what looks like cheese powder and red chilis instantly received positive reactions as the crowd expected their favorite spicy chicken sandwich – the McSpicy. 

This year, the McSpicy gets upgraded with melted cheese and black sesame buns. All hail the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy!

The McSpicy has always been a limited time offer. Last year they released this around the same time of the year, which is quite a surprise seeing that a lot of patrons really enjoy it.

This time around, the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy makes a special appearance on the McDonald’s Philippines menu. Buns topped with black sesame sandwich the spicy chicken fillet, cabbage, and melted cheese. Don’t worry though, the regular McSpicy is still on the menu!

Make sure to pair the McSpicy and the NEW Garlic Parmesan McSpicy with McDo’s signature twister fries and cool down with a Green Apple Sprite Float or their creamy Vanilla Sundae.