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Moira dela Torre Announces Engagement on ‘Tagpuan’ Music Video

Moira dela Torre Announces Engagement on ‘Tagpuan’ Music Video

On April 29, singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre’s music video for her song Tagpuan was released on YouTube. The video was oddly a little over eight minutes long. Little did fans know that for most of the latter part of the video, it would veer away from the story of the music video just a little bit to give the spotlight to Jason Hernandez’s heartwarming proposal. Jason popped the question while the two were watching a stunning sunset view over a cliff.

Tagpuan showed Moira looking back at memories of her family, most about parting ways. Because of such, she prayed over and over asking why these events had to happen to her so early in her years.

The song concludes on a thankful note saying how much she appreciates those who have stayed and fought for her despite constant moments of wanting to give up.

In less than 24 hours since the music video for Tagpuan was launched, it has gained more than 457,000 views and has secured a top spot in the YouTube Philippines trending page.

Both Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez took to Instagram to announce their engagement to their fans. Moira captioned her photo simply with, “On a cliff at sunset, my best friend asked me the easiest question I have ever had to answer. I love you [Jason]!”

The same picture perfect moment was also posted by Jason on his Instagram saying, “All my life I’ve been searching for “the one”, not knowing that she’s been my bestfriend all along. I love you forever my [Moira]”.

Watch Tagpuan by Moira dela Torre here:

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