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How Much Did Logan Paul Earn From His Apology Video?

How Much Did Logan Paul Earn From His Apology Video?

Earlier this week, 22-year-old YouTuber Logan Paul posted a video of him and his team in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. Not only that, he also came across a dead body hanging from a tree and decided to film it and laugh and make jokes among his team. With an audience of almost 15 million YouTube subscriptions, the controversial video made it to the #1 top trending video on YouTube just shortly after its release. Yes, he monetized that video.

After being called out by the Internet, Logan Paul decided to delete the Aokigahara Forest video and post an apology video instead on his YouTube channel 2 days ago and now has over 26 million views. Here’s the thing though – that sad attempt at an apology video was also monetized.

According to Teen Vogue, SocialBlade reports that Logan Paul’s apology video approximately earned $13,500 to $108,100 as of today, January 5, 2018. This video will continue to earn as long as it’s still up there and YouTube continues to allow Logan Paul to monetize these kinds of content.

It has also come to the attention of many that Logan Paul’s other videos in Japan were beyond disrespectful towards the culture in traditions as well.

Showing a triggering image of a dead man’s body and laughing as if it’s an entertaining piece of “foreign” culture isn’t raising awareness for suicide and mental health.

If you personally would like to properly raise awareness for these, educate yourself first. Our top picks for resources and help are Tala Mental Wellness and Silakbo PH, both very simple yet highly informative sites for mental health. For counseling and therapy, you can head over to the Bulatao Center.

Logan Paul Apologizes to Victim’s Family for ‘Suicide Forest’ Video

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