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MUJI Philippines Reduces Prices of Over 200 Items

MUJI Philippines Reduces Prices of Over 200 Items

MUJI Philippines is reducing the prices of over 200 items in their catalogue starting February 23, 2018. The brand known for its simple and minimalist designs announced the price reduction on Facebook just one day before the change.

MUJI Philippines’ statement included a list of the items whose prices would be reduced. This list included MUJI’s popular stationery items such as notebooks and pens, as well as larger items like bed frames and chairs.

The brand states that they reduced their prices in an effort to continue giving their customers high-quality products that are reasonably priced.

In an effort to uphold our philosophy of offering high-quality products that are reasonably priced, we will be reducing the prices of over 200 MUJI items starting February 23, 2018. We integrated new ways to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency without sacrificing the quality of our products to offer better prices for our customers. With our vision to create simple and pleasant lifestyles, MUJI will strive to continue this effort by improving customer satisfaction through product development. – MUJI Philippines Price Review from the MUJI Philippines Facebook Page

It is unclear why exactly they have reduced their prices but there have been news that all MUJI branches across the world cut prices of 40% of their goods starting January 2018. According to Racked, this price cut move is popular among MUJI Japan stores so it doesn’t mean MUJI will be closed for good after this rather surprising price cut.

MUJI Philippines Products with Price Reduction

MUJI Philippines posted 10 items with significant price reduction up on their Facebook page:

1. Organic Cotton Good Fit Right Angle Sneaker-in Socks – Php 195 (from Php 245)

2. Aroma Diffuser – Php 3,950 (from Php 5,450)

3. Hard Carry Case Trolley

Hard Carry Case Trolley 19 L – Php 7,950 (from Php 8,950)

Hard Carry Case Trolley 35 L – Php 8,950 (from Php 9,950)

Hard Carry Case Trolley 62 L – Php 11,500 (from Php 13,500)

Hard Carry Case Trolley 87 L – Php 14,500 (from Php 16,500)

Hard Carry Case Trolley 104 L – Php 16,500

4. Retractable Gel Ink Pen – Php 65 (from Php 85)

5. Beads Sofa* – Php 7,950 (from Php 9,250)

*Covers sold separately

6. Oak Bed Frame (W103 x D202 x H25.5 cm) – Php 17,000 (from Php 23,500)

7. Planting Tree Paper Notebook B5 (Set of Five) – Php 225 (from Php 375)

8. Legless Chair*

Small – Php 2,950 (from Php3,450)

Large – Php 3,450 (from Php4,450)

*Covers sold separately

9. Polypropylene Storage Boxes

W34 x D44.5 x H25 cm – Php 995 from (Php 1,250)
W34 x D44.5 x H30 cm – Php 1,250 from (Php 1,650)

10. Fitting Neck Cushion

Neck Cushion – Php 1,750 (from Php 2,150)

Neck Cushion with Hood – Php 2,150 (from Php 2,950)

11. Sensitive Skincare Cleansing Oil (50ml) – Php 265 (from Php 345)

MUJI Philippines Branches

C1 Bonifacio High Street Central

Greenbelt 3

Power Plant Mall at Rockwell

Shangri-La Plaza East Wing


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