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#KeepGoing: Nadine Lustre’s Brother Isaiah Battled Depression

#KeepGoing: Nadine Lustre’s Brother Isaiah Battled Depression

Nadine Lustre’s aunt Nona Clemente confirmed through a series of tweets that her nephew, Nadine’s brother Isaiah has passed away.

Family members heard gunshots coming from Isaiah’s room and found him with a gunshot wound on his head. They quickly rushed him to the Pacific Global Medical Center but was declared dead on arrival. According to Isaiah’s siblings Ezekiel and Naomie, the incident happened on the night of October 7, 2017.

PEP also reported that Isaiah’s siblings did not know of any big hurdles their brother was currently experiencing but did notice him less energetic and distraught the past week.


Through these events, Nadine, her aunt, and James, all shared this image on their Instagram stories. The semicolon is a known symbol of continuation, that the “story does not end” and that despite all things, we must keep on going.

Nadine also posted an Instagram story saying “You are stronger than depression.”

She also requests to refrain from posting or reposting photos of her from the funeral as an act of respect towards her and her family.

Depression can happen to anyone. It chooses no age, no gender, no social status. It’s so powerful that I believe anyone who thinks otherwise has not seen what its capable of. I’ve described depression as a silent monster that eats away the insides slowly until one day you’ll realize there is none left and that this is the reality people are facing internally every single day. Depression is real.

Perhaps it’s not that easy to understand people with depression, but what was most helpful for me was the feeling of not being alone. Often times there’s a lingering thought of being a burden to people but in reality, there’s a lot more people who care than those who don’t.

Though we have lost many through the struggle that is depression, the #KeepGoing hashtag teaches us that we as people are capable of being stronger than we think. You are truly more than your depression and you are not alone.

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