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WATCH: Never Not Love You Trailer, First James and Nadine Movie in 2 Years

WATCH: Never Not Love You Trailer, First James and Nadine Movie in 2 Years

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are back on the big screen after two years. Far from the happy-go-lucky and kilig movies they’ve had the past years, this one’s going to be very different for all their viewers.

Never Not Love You is a film about circumstance and love. Love isn’t enough sometimes and this is seen when Gio (Reid) and Joanne (Lustre) are constantly fighting about their current life situation. Sure, they’re together and happy but Joanne says it all in one line, “Masaya ako ‘pag nakikita kita pero ‘pag mag-isa lang ako, love, nare-realize ko kasi na hindi na ‘ko masaya eh.” [Whenever I see you, I feel happy. But when I’m alone, love, I realize that I’m not.]

Nadine Lustre plays Joanne, an employee at an advertising firm striving to become a brand manager someday. James Reid, on the other hand, starts of as a reckless anything-goes artist named Gio. Gio lands a job in London and Joanne agrees to live with him both with high hopes for a happy life.

Joanne has left her promising job in Manila and has to work as a cafe server in London instead, prompting her to realize that this isn’t the life she wants for herself at all. Because of this and Gio’s optimistic view that it will work someday despite not seeing it now, the two are seen constantly frustrated and fighting.

Never Not Love You is written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone and is set to release on March 31.

Watch the official trailer of Never Not Love You here:

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