Celebrate the start of 2018 with these delicious Filipino Media Noche food! It’s one thing to have a whole table of food during the new year but it’s another thing to have every member of the family help out with the prep and cooking.

No matter how big or small your Media Noche might be, the most important thing is to spend it with the people you love! Make the start of your new year filled with hope.

Happy New Year, Team Typist! Welcome to 2018!

1. Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai makes a great Media Noche food item because it’s easy to make and is the perfect finger food for all ages. Don’t forget to pair these fried spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce!

Mum's homemade Filo spring rolls ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭#lumpia

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2. Lechon Kawali/Lechon

Step aside, diet. It’s lechon time. Lechon can get a bit expensive so you can opt for the simpler lechon kawali or the Ilocano-style bagnet.

3. Barbecue

Media Noche food shouldn’t just be the food you can eat once every year. Familiar food items are always great on the menu so bring out the pork and the marinade and grill until the start of the year!

4. Pansit/Pasta

Pansit or any noodle dish is a must on that menu of Media Noche food. Old folks believe that noodles at the start of the year are the key to long and lasting lives.

5. Molo

Molo is the wonton soup dish of Filipino cuisine. Not sure why it only appears during the new year though but the cold season needs some warm soup anyway so try this one for your Media Noche menu!

6. Hamon

Yep, the leftovers from Christmas. Or you can go buy another one at the supermarket, we won’t judge.

7. Siomai

Media Noche won’t be complete without a giant platter of siomai or sushi! It’s all about the finger food. You can reserve a platter from your favorite siomai or sushi resto to save some time to make other amazing Media Noche food!

8. Ube Halaya

Celebrate the rise of the ube flavor this 2017! All hail the purple yams!

9. Mango Float

Mango float for Media Noche dessert? Always a good idea.

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10. Beef Caldereta

They say no Media Noche is complete without Beef Caldereta. This classic Filipino Media Noche dish is a hefty tomato-based beef stew complete with vegetables, potatoes, and even beans. Sure busog.

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