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New Year, New You: How to Start Exercising this 2018

New Year, New You: How to Start Exercising this 2018

When you’ve been living your life as a potato for a long while now, it’s going to be real challenging to step into those running shoes and start a healthier lifestyle. I’m not very athletic myself, but I did manage to shed some weight and gain muscle in a span of 4-6 months. So here’s my guide on how to actually start exercising this new year:

1. Find a motivation that is sustainable

Don’t stick to a motivation with an expiry date. Do it for life or mental health! One of my fave fitness YouTubers, Whitney Simmons, goes to the gym 6 days a week because she feels that it’s her safe space. So if you’re going to the gym, do it because you love going to the gym and you love being healthy.

3-Day Rule

Whenever I go on trips or long weekends, I have a very hard time keeping myself active. That’s why I keep this 3-Day Rule. Don’t pass more than 3 days without exercising, and don’t exercise 3 days straight. I know some people like to exercise every day of the week and that’s fine but I find it better to have a rest day in the middle of everything so my body can cool down.

If you find yourself not exercising for 3 days straight, on the fourth day you have force yourself to move. Whether it’s yoga at home or running 1K outside, just do something to sweat it all out!

Find the workout for you

Here’s a little trivia – I like running. But to most people I know, stepping on that treadmill is out of the question. Some people prefer zumba or weightlifting or the stairmaster and no matter how different these activities are, they all get the job done as long as you’re consistent.

Find the activity that you want to do every single day and stick to it. Not sure where to start? Try everything if you can! There are a bunch of workout styles out there and I’m sure there will be one for you!

Today’s a great time to do it

When do you start? Today. Not tomorrow, not on Monday because it’s the start of the week. Today. Exercising isn’t one thing – it’s a lifestyle. When you get home, exercise to a Blogilates video or just simply take the stairs when you go up one or two floors.

Find a way to get active today whether it’s standing up every hour or walking 15 minutes to get to a really nice lunch place!

Don’t step on that scale

Well actually, don’t step on that scale every single morning. Stepping on the scale is debilitating and can instantly discourage you to exercise. It’s best to step on a scale every start of the month, just to see if you’re really losing weight. But then again, losing weight isn’t everything. You build muscle and you build more body mass which can also increase the number on the weighing scale.

Instead, take progress photos every week or every month. It’s amazing how your body can visibly transform in just a few months!


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