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These Pan De Manila Ice Cream Popsicles Are Creamy, Fruity, and Amazing

These Pan De Manila Ice Cream Popsicles Are Creamy, Fruity, and Amazing

This popular bakery in the city sells fruity and creamy popsicles that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pan de Manila’s Popsicle Fruit & Dip Bars are tasty and even healthy, made only with fresh fruit juice, fruit chunks, and coconut milk. These popsicles have the simplest ingredients but are flavorful and sweet, a perfect snack during these random hot and humid moments in the city.

All flavors range from Php 30 – Php 40 only and are available in popular Filipino ice cream flavors such as corn and ube. Other flavors include buko, fruit salad, mango, chocolate chips, and even dragon fruit. You’ll occasionally see some strawberry ice cream bars, kiwi, or melon flavors from the Pan de Manila freezer but note that the flavor availability varies per branch, at least from what we’ve noticed.

The more ice cream, the merrier

Pan de Manila doesn’t stop there. If you can’t get enough of their ice cream popsicles, you can also get them in pints. Each pint is priced at Php 160 and only three flavors are available: cheese, mango, and their bestselling avocado.

These popsicles have been sold at Pan de Manila for a long time now but it’s only recently that it’s making waves. We’re thinking it’s because of the avocado season and people are constantly looking for avocado desserts everywhere. If you’re one of those people, Pan de Manila’s avocado ice cream popsicle bar is just like your favorite avocado-condensed milk-and-ice combo, but kind of like in an easy-to-eat form.

Actually, just get the pint. We won’t judge.

These Pan de Manila ice cream bars are only available at select Pan de Manila branches.

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