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Physique 57 opens in Metro Manila: Rates, Class Schedules

Physique 57 opens in Metro Manila: Rates, Class Schedules

Your fitness journey is about to get interesting. Physique 57 is set to open their first branch in the Philippines on July 9, 2018!

The unique fitness technique originated in New York and was founded by Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi who sought to reinvent the current fitness industry after finding out that one of her favorite studios would be closing. She teamed up with Tanya Becker, one of the leading Lotte Berk instructors in the country, to create a modern and innovative spin to The Lotte Berk Method. Since then, they have opened more studios in New York City, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Mumbai, Dubai, and now Manila.

A Physique 57 class is 57 minutes long as the method strongly believes that giving the body just 57 minutes a day can greatly change our lives. Each body has the capacity to unleash unlimited potential. Physique 57’s special method has inspired many other studios in the country such as Plana Forma.

There are no weights here. Physique 57 targets your body’s muscles using bodyweight as resistance. They have a process called ‘Interval Overload’ where they make sure you’re doing exercises that strengthen but also define your muscles. Now that sounds like a great plan for next year’s summer body.

Physique 57 doesn’t just make sure you look good, because that’s the least important in my opinion. Their methods ensure you’re gaining strength and you’re feeling good. The process of fitness isn’t towards looking like every single person you envy on Instagram. I still think it’s all about moving and feeling better, but also respecting and challenging your body’s capabilities. You’re going to feel sore every after class but it’s all going to be worth it.

Physique 57 Manila Rates, Branches, Schedule


You look like you’re up for a challenge! If you’re ready, Physique 57 offers rates depending on how often you’re planning to join the class.

As of July 6, 2018, Physique 57 Manila’s rates are as follows:

  • First-timer’s Package: Php 1,500 for 3 classes (Valid for 14 days)
  • Regular Rate: Php 1,000 for one class (Valid for 14 days)
  • 5-Class Package: Php 4,750 (Valid for 45 days)
  • 10-Class Package: Php 8,500 (Valid for 90 days)
  • 20-Class Package: Php 16,000 (Valid for 180 days)
  • 40-Class Package: Php 30,000 (Valid for 365 days)

Special Packages (until July 31, 2018 only)

Following packages are valid for 1 year, freezable, and are transferable.

  • Barre Star Package: Php 75,000 (Unlimited Classes)
  • 50-Class Pulse Pack: Php 35,000
  • 75-Class Pulse Pack: Php 48,000


Physique 57 Manila’s schedules may vary every month. However, most studios here in the Philippines tend to follow the same schedule every month with minor changes.

Here’s Physique 57 Manila’s schedule for July 2018:

IMAGE Physique 57 via Facebook


Physique 57 opens in Manila on July 9, 2018 at the W Fifth Avenue Building, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City right beside Metrobank.

To learn more about Physique 57 Manila, check out their official website and their Facebook page.

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