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Planters Is Bringing Back This Classic 90’s Snack

Planters Is Bringing Back This Classic 90’s Snack

Mr. Peanut confirmed it himself. The Planters Cheez Balls are making a comeback!

On the official Mr. Peanut Twitter account, The Kraft Heinz Company confirmed that the Planters Cheez Balls will be back in stock on July 1 at select stores and online.

The Planters Cheez Balls will be available in the 2.75 oz. can while the Planters Cheez Curls will be sold in the 4 oz. can.

According to USA Today, Planters released a statement last Tuesday saying that from the moment they discontinued the Cheez Balls back in 2006, they have heard countless pleas and petitions to bring it back. There were online groups petitioning for the cheesy snack to return as well as ‘other efforts’ dedicated to the same motion.

The company has already shipped some Planters Cheez Curls to selected people and they just could not contain their excitement. That’s a classic 90’s snack right there and we’re not going to leave it to be forgotten forever.

INSIDER reports that each can of Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls will be sold for $2 on Amazon and in select stores. However, when we checked on Amazon, the snack isn’t available for shipping to the Philippines so most likely you’ll have to ask friends and relatives abroad to bring the bright orange cheesy goodness to you.

The Planters Cheez Balls will be available starting July 1, 2018 for a limited time. We’ve waited 12 years for this!

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