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Pride Month: Spotify Pride Collection and ‘Queer Eye’ Playlist

Pride Month: Spotify Pride Collection and ‘Queer Eye’ Playlist

Spotify celebrates Pride Month this June by releasing a whole collection of songs, podcasts, and playlists from your favorite artists who are also members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The music streaming site also made sure to include podcasts hosted by LGBTQIA+ members and episodes educating people on the issues surrounding the gay community. The five iconic hosts of Netflix’s Queer Eye remake even have their personal playlists on Spotify as well.

Click on the Browse option on Spotify’s sidebar and scroll down to Genres & Moods. On the grid are your typical genres like Pop, OPM, and Romance. But for this month of June, Spotify made sure to include a Pride collection and it even has a minimalist rainbow as an icon.

And look! If you bump up the volume, the bar turns into a bright rainbow gradient with words like ‘Loud and Proud,’ ‘Never Turn It Down,’ and ‘Live At Full Volume’.

Artists like Betty Who and Cyndi Lauper both have playlists on the Spotify Pride collection. Each week, an LGBTQIA+ icon or artist gets featured to make a playlist with their favorite feel-good and empowering songs.

Cyndi Lauper’s playlist starts off with Heather Small’s Proud and includes remix of classic songs like Christina Aquilera’s Beautiful.

Betty Who who recently helped the Queer Eye guys with the show’s theme song remix also has a playlist up on the Spotify Pride collection. There’s a Hayley Kiyoko on there, Beyonce, and Troye Sivan. Of course, Betty Who’s own songs are on the playlist as well.

The five amazing hosts of Netflix’s Queer Eye remake all have their own personal playlists on Spotify. This is so timely since Queer Eye just released a new season last June 15 and trust us, it’s going to make you cry buckets again. 20 minutes in the first episode alone and you’ll be bawling!

Queer Eye grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness has the most playlist followers at 14,390 and included songs like Diana Ross’s I’m Coming Out and RuPaul’s Supermodel.

Don’t forget to check out Spotify’s collection of LGBTQIA+ podcasts as well. Included here are Getting Curious with Jonathan Van NessIf These Ovaries Could Talk, and Making Gay History.

Good luck listening to these songs while working because they will seriously make you want to sing along!

June has been a busy month for Pride organizers, launching educational and fun events all around the metro all in preparation for the culminating Pride March this June 30, 2018. It’s nice to see Spotify not only share their songs by LGBTQIA+ members but also podcasts aimed towards educating people on new information about the community.

Happy Pride, everyone!

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