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Saab Magalona shares about losing baby girl: “Heartbroken But Hopeful”

Saab Magalona shares about losing baby girl: “Heartbroken But Hopeful”

“Hindi pang-tao yung pinagdadaanan natin,” Saab Magalona shares what her husband Jim Bacarro said to her as they lost their baby girl.

Saab Magalona, who was known to be carrying twins, wrote about the heartbreaking experience on her blog, Spell Saab. On the blog post, Saab shared that she was in and out of the ICU for the past month and recounting how she ‘almost didn’t make it.’

“On February 8, we lost our baby girl,” reads a line from her post. It was very difficult, a mixture of sadness and anger and a whirlwind of many other emotions. But her baby boy would shine a light on them as if he’s saying that there is hope no matter how dark the night gets.

“So many things happened in the last month. There are so many people we could blame and be angry with, but each time we hold our boy, we think otherwise. He’s been fighting to be part of this world and it’s our responsibility to make it one that is forgiving — one that tries to see the best in other people.”

Her baby boy is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as he fought many complications and also underwent surgery. Saab says he is doing better today.

As they remember Francis Magalona’s 9th death anniversary on March 6, Saab and Jim both know that he [Francis] will be watching over his beautiful granddaughter.

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This is what hope feels like.

Hope is something you don’t see. You just know it’s there and it’s where you’re supposed to go. In a sea of uncertainties and seemingly endless tunnels, there’s a light somewhere and it’s where we’re bound to go.

When I read Saab’s blog, I saw how strong she and her whole family are. She ended her blog by saying, “I know we’ll make it through.”



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