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Sandara Park and Mario Maurer in the Philippines to Share Their Greatest Hair Secret

Sandara Park and Mario Maurer in the Philippines to Share Their Greatest Hair Secret

International stars Sandara Park and Mario Maurer visit the Philippines to share their greatest secret to luscious dandruff-free hair – the new Head and Shoulders Supreme with Argan Crème. We at Typist PH were invited to attend the Head and Shoulders Suprême launch where they showcased their new product – the Head and Shoulders Suprême Series with Moroccan Argan Crème. I haven’t heard of Moroccan Argan Crème until then but I do know a bit about Argan oil and how it does wonders to your skin.

The event design was a showstopper. Head and Shoulders Philippines made it look like we were in a beautiful blue Argan tree forest with the 360° projections of swaying trees and blue and purple leaves everywhere. The drinks and some of the finger food were blue too. We were blue.

Head and Shoulders proved that achieving soft and dandruff-free hair with a healthy scalp is possible and for a reasonable price too. Treatments that are meant to moisturize the hair and scalp can cost as much as $120 (~P6,000) but the Head and Shoulders Suprême costs only P150 for a 170ml bottle.

It’s also good to note that an unhealthy scalp can lead to unhealthy hair. So if you’ve been having problems with dry and weak hair strands despite the many shampoo brands you’ve tried, then maybe you should get a formula that soothes not only the hair but also your scalp.

Head and Shoulders Philippines ambassadors Sandara Park and Mario Maurer can attest to the quality of the Suprême line. Even Sandara couldn’t believe that having clean and moisturized hair with one product was possible.

Thai actor Mario Maurer was also in the Philippines to share his hair secret. But before anything else, I was so excited to go to this event to see Mario Maurer and I was not disappointed. However gwapo he looks on TV, it’s the exact same face you see in real life. And I know Sandara Park found the fountain of youth somewhere but I didn’t know she would look that young at 32 years old! I’m set. Sandara Park is my new life goal.

We also got to meet all the Head and Shoulders Suprême ambassadors: Nico Bolzico, Janina Manipol, Chie Filomeno, An Estrada, En Estrada, Michelle Dy, Cha Ocampo, Haley Dasovich, Kianna Dy, and Jeron Teng.

For more information about Head & Shoulders, visit their website and follow Head & Shoulders Philippines on Facebook.

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