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SHINee returns with ‘The Story of Light EP.1’ and ‘Good Evening’ MV

SHINee returns with ‘The Story of Light EP.1’ and ‘Good Evening’ MV

Korean pop band SHINee returns to the K-pop scene with their new extended play The Story of Light Ep.1 and a music video for one of the songs called Good Evening. This is the first comeback for SHINee as a four-member band after the death of Kim Jonghyun last December 2017.

The Story of Light Ep.1 is only one part of SHINee’s sixth full-length album entitled The Story of Light set to release on June 25. The second EP for this album will be released on June 11.

SHINee formed back in 2008 with their first EP being Replay. The release of The Story of Light Ep.1 also marked the band’s 10th anniversary.

Jonghyun will always be with SHINee

The Story of Light Ep.1 includes 5 songs: All Day All Night, Good Evening, Undercover, JUMP, and You & I. Recently, SHINee released the official music video for Good Evening on SMTOWN’s YouTube channel. Teasers for the upcoming album were also seen on their official social media accounts.

Good Evening played around with retro colors and visual effects, pops of color, and nature accents.

What’s more is that there was a part of the Good Evening music video that interested fans and K-pop enthusiasts all over the world. At the 2:45 and 3:40 mark, the four members were looking down on a well. It looked like it was part of the ‘nature-aesthetic’ they were going for but a bunch of us noticed that there was a very evident shadow on the lower left corner of the screen.

It didn’t look like the members of SHINee were casting their own shadows so we theorized this must be their simple ode to Jonghyun who passed last year.

What do you guys think? Watch the Good Evening MV below:

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