In line with the Starbucks Philippines 20th Anniversary, a limited edition Starbucks 6750 Heritage Mug was released for purchase just last December 4, 2017. It’s only available in one branch though – Starbucks 6750 Ayala.

This 6750 Heritage Mug features a matte black finish and is decorated with a hand-painted siren in rose gold. The mug also comes in a matte black box, with “Starbucks 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati Est. 1997” spelled out in rose gold foil.

The Starbucks 6750 Heritage Mug is priced at P1,295.

Facebook / Starbucks Philippines

Starbucks Philippines also released limited edition ceramic and white gold tumblers adorned with white and emerald Swarovski crystals. Those mugs were decorated with traditional Philippine textile patterns, in celebration of the Filipino culture and heritage. Unfortunately, these ones were only available for one day at the Starbucks 20th Anniversary party last December 1. There were only 1,500 pieces of each mug made.

Starbucks Philippines Launches 20th Anniversary Collection Tumblers Inspired by Philippine Textile