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5 Start Up Companies in the Philippines You Might Want To Be A Part Of This 2018

5 Start Up Companies in the Philippines You Might Want To Be A Part Of This 2018

The great thing about a start up company here in the Philippines is that you get to learn all the ropes. With only a number of people on board, it’s an intimate work environment where you directly see what’s going in and out your workplace. This makes it a top choice among fresh grads and those looking for job opportunities to increase their experience levels in various skills.

Thankfully, the Philippines has a goldmine of start up companies that are currently making waves in the social and economic scene. Some of them are even geared towards a certain advocacy, so you can think of working as finally doing the passion project you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Interested in applying for a start up company this year? Here are 5 start ups in the Philippines you might want to be a part of this 2018:

1. Praxxys Solutions, Inc.

Praxxys Solutions, Inc. is a start up company and digital agency focusing on web development and software programming that is well-designed and practical. As they work with both big and small companies, they carry with them the attitude of creating tailor-fit technology rather than relying on templates. Even as a start up, the companies that have collaborated with Praxxys Solutions include: Abenson’s Group, Family Mart Philippines, and Rustan’s.

View their job listing at

2. Onward Worldwide Management & Consultancy

Onward Worldwide Management & Consultancy envisions to become the #1 market share in Business Support Services by 2020. To achieve this, this start up company provides professional, hands-on & full-service business to their clients. As a start up, you can expect directly working with their clients and knowing exactly what they and their businesses aspire for.

View their job listing at

3. 83K Design Studio

You might have seen 83K Design Studio’s works in and outside malls. The amazing hanging display of lights and flowers at Resorts World Manila during Valentine’s season, the gigantic paper butterflies hearts, and the Philippine flag made entirely of red, blue, white, and yellow paper doves – we’re confident those are the works of this start up company and design studio. They also do backdrops for character meet-and-greets plus interior design work for clinics.

Ready to take on a job in interior and graphic design? 83K Design Studio might just be the start up company for you.

View their job listing at

4. Lexie Staffing and Business Consulting 

It takes a nearly perfect working relationship among employees to drive a company to success. Lexie Staffing and Business Consulting, as an outsourcing start up company, carefully selects the people they know will make a company thrive. This start up in the Philippines has already worked with big clients such as Teleperformance, Infosys, and Hinduja Global Solutions.

View their job listing at

5. HiTutor Inc.

HiTutor Inc. is a great start up for those just starting their career journeys. They don’t require an extensive list of achievements for one to be an ESL teacher, just a little background on teaching and an excellent command of the English language. The best part is that HiTutor Inc. is a work-from-home job with flexible working hours.

HiTutor Inc., while it is still considered a start up here in the Philippines, is Taiwan’s first and largest online multi-language learning organization offering over 50 themed professional and interest-based courses. They’re not limited to the English language either. They also offer courses for 15 different languages!

View their job listing at

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