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You Can Now Stream Beyonce and JAY-Z’s ‘Everything Is Love’ Album on Spotify

You Can Now Stream Beyonce and JAY-Z’s ‘Everything Is Love’ Album on Spotify

Beyonce & JAY-Z or ‘The Carters’ just dropped a brand new album over the weekend called Everything Is Love. The couple’s collaboration album exclusively streamed on Tidal on its first launch but is now available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.

Everything Is Love is a nine-track album with a release that took everyone by surprise. Just like Beyonce’s self-entitled album released last December 2013, no one saw the new album coming at all. While Spotify has all nine tracks streaming on Premium, Beyonce tweeted that there’s another bonus track called Salud! that’s currently only available on Tidal.

With the release of the album was a six-minute music video of APESH*T. It highlighted Beyonce’s rap skills while JAY-Z stood back and watched his wife go, well, apesh*t. The video was shot at the Louvre where they stood in front of the famous Mona Lisa painting and other pieces of artwork that Beyonce seeks to ‘reinterpret and recontextualize,’ as a report from Vox puts it.

The whole album feels very aggressive yet incredibly empowering. The album art alone with a black woman combing a black man’s hair with an afro pick, wearing nothing but clothing close to their skin color and using an afro pick with a fist carved on its handle, is only the start.

Stream Everything Is Love by The Carters on Spotify:

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