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Tarte Should Really Launch That ‘Icy Betch’ Palette

Tarte Should Really Launch That ‘Icy Betch’ Palette

Sure, it was an April Fools’ Day prank but that’s not stopping us from wanting this cool silver blue-hued palette Tarte tried to lure us with.

For 2018, Tarte Cosmetics’ April Fools’ joke was to release an eyeshadow palette called ‘Icy Betch’. The palette featured Tarte’s signature 12-shadow, gold-finish packaging just like their tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte palette.

Its 12 shades were a mix of silver, green, blue, and grey shades that can either remind you of mermaids or ice crystals. The palette looked like it had all the shadow finishes from matte to ultra glittery.

Tarte also recently launched their tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette, a palette dedicated to warm shades like deep browns, orange-reds, and peach tones. Perhaps it’s because of this that the brand decided to cool things up a bit and ‘release’ an ‘opposite’ palette.

On April Fools’ Day 2018, the brand announced on their official Instagram account that they will be having a reveal for their fans through their Instagram Stories. They captioned an Easter-related post with, “PEEP our IG story for an EXCITING reveal! 🐰💗#rethinknatural#newness #comingsoon”.

Beauty lovers and Tarte fans quickly saw the icy blue teaser on their screens followed by a photo of the ‘Icy Betch’ eyeshadow palette. Tarte went a little further and featured a model showing off a gorgeous silver eye look presumably done with the palette.

There was also an Instagram Story poll asking fans to vote which palette they preferred, the toasty warm one or the cool icy palette they were set on ‘releasing’.

The next story revealed that the Icy Betch palette was just a prank after all. But even so, Tarte wanted to make it up for their fans by providing them a discount code for 15% off all palettes just for one day by using the code ‘APRILFOOL’.

And while this was just a fun April Fools’ prank for Tarte, their fans still expressed their interest if ever the brand decides to make this palette a reality. Some say they could have easily bought the Icy Betch palette right then and there if it wasn’t a prank, and that it could have been the ‘palette of their dreams’.

Tarte has not confirmed whether or not this palette is one that’s been in the works, or if it really is a made up product altogether. What we do know is that this Icy Betch palette is that ‘something different’ fans have been asking for and that Tarte should definitely release this one soon.



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