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10 Terrible Drivers You’ll Meet During the Christmas Rush

10 Terrible Drivers You’ll Meet During the Christmas Rush

Merong forever. And it’s called ‘Manila traffic’. The worst traffic in the world gets a lot more intense during the holidays, if you were wondering.A serene scene as Christmas approaches? Nah, there’s none of that here.

We can’t even pinpoint what the exact reason is! Is it the people flocking to malls to buy gifts? Strangely, if you check the MMDA Twitter, collisions and other vehicular accidents have been happening quite often lately and it has become a sad reality for commuters and drivers here in Manila.

Okay, so it’s not just the holiday rush but still here are 10 of the most terrible drivers you’re about to meet in this traffic hellhole:

1. The driver who honks too many times

Maybe you can try to be a little more patient? And your horn isn’t going to solve this traffic in the first place!

2. The driver who changes lanes too slowly and causes traffic

Please hurry up, you’re causing traffic within the traffic if that’s even possible!

3. The one that counterflows then squeezes back in line

Get back in line.

Unless it’s an emergency.

But if it isn’t, then get back in line.

4. The driver who lets everyone squeeze in in front

Why is the world so cruel to us drivers behind you.

5. The horrible driver who doesn’t stop for pedestrians, and the one that stops on the pedestrian lane

We just want to cross the road and not die in the process.

6. The one on the front of the line who takes ages to go when the light turns green

We get that you might have needed time to start going but if it’s been 20 seconds then it’s either there’s an emergency or worse, the driver fell asleep.

7. The self-centered one who slides the window down to talk to Mr. Driver’s Friend on the other lane

Stop doing this it’s not fun for the people behind you!

8. The confused driver who’s not sure where to go

Pull over and check the map, please.

9. That one whose blinker has been on for the past 20 minutes

You’ve been wanting to go left for 15 minutes now.

10. And the motorcycle driver who cuts you when you’re turning

You’re about to cause an accident.

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