As Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault cases resurface one by one, Terry Crews, known for his role on the cult classic White Chicks, takes to Twitter to finally open up about how he became a victim of sexual assault in Hollywood.

Harvey Weinstein was a serial harasser, reported to have sexually harassed Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie many years ago and threatening them not to speak a word of it. He also dismisses these allegations as behaviors he is ‘used to’, as reported by Teen Vogue.

Terry Crews experienced almost the same thing. Just a year ago at an event, a Hollywood executive came up to him and “groped [his] privates.” Only his wife was there to witness it but the man just grinned. Crews could not defend himself of fear that he would be published in the news as the assaulter and be put in jail. With this, he expresses his understanding to all the men and women who are not able to speak up against predators and encourages anyone, even those outside of Hollywood, to keep going.

Here is Terry Crews’ Twitter thread on his experience:

*Top Image – Instagram / Terry Crews